The theory and practical application of electrical principles required to safely service gas burner ignition systems, thermostats, safety controls, limit controls and various control systems. This course covers electrical safety, National Electric Code awareness,troubleshooting skills, problem diagnosis, and wiring techniques for gas fired warm air furnaces and hot water boilers.

The theory and practical application of gas properties including heating values, combustion properties, products of combustion, unit efficiency, gas burner operation, problem diagnosis and installation, and operation of
gas heating systems.

Theory and practical application of basic trade math, shop safety, air flow, sheet metal for installation and service apprentices, and OSHA 30 certification.

Modern Refrigeration and Air Conditioning is the HVACR standard for a new generation of learner. Whether you're in a digital or print, on-ground or hybrid environment, this integrated learning solution will engage students with resource elements including textbook content, an online learning platform, video clips, narrated animations, digital activities, questions, and hands-on lab activities to assess and to reinforce learning based upon the original HVACR industry standard.